What We Do

Frame Health is a cloud-based software solution designed to enhance patient care and significantly lower healthcare costs.

What We Do

Frame Health is a cloud-based software solution designed to enhance patient care and significantly lower healthcare costs.

  • Big Data

    Big Data Finally Tackles Patient Engagement

    Frame Health has the exclusive rights to the world’s largest psychographic database for use in healthcare. Our big data platform generates comprehensive patient psychological profiles for the 1st time. Highly detailed Frame Health patient profiles are then matched to specific clinical programs and content that is most likely to generate higher levels of medical compliance and behavior change with each individual patient.

  • Tackling Non-Compliance Head on

    Non-Compliance Is The #1 Avoidable Cost In Healthcare

    Hundreds of billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs would be saved if patients followed the instructions given to them by their doctor. People change when they’re stimulated and interacted with in a personalized way for an extended period of time. Frame Health has a scalable, low-cost platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver long term, intimate, personalized engagement. Frame Health allows health providers to know where their patients are headed and how to positively modify their trajectory. It’s a new process of care. It’s Frame Health.

  • Frame Health Addresses The
    $2 Trillion Chronic Care Market

    Over $2.25 Trillion spent annually on chronic disease, much of which could be prevented!

    Healthcare Spending Exceeds $3 Trillion per year (source: Forbes) and over 75% of all health care dollars are spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, many of which can be prevented, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. Source: Health Affairs


Heads Up, We Are On The Move!


Heads Up, We Are On The Move!

Frame Health is in pilot with one of
America’s 10 Largest Healthcare Providers

HMO's & Providers

Current Challenges: Under Obamacare, providers including hospitals & doctors groups etc. will have to manage patients for a fixed cost. It’s predicted that many organizations that do not reduce per patient costs will go bankrupt. Hospitals with high 30 day readmission rates will have their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements cut across the board, costing hospitals hundreds of millions of dollars per year in revenue.

How Frame Health Can Help: Frame Health can identify patients that drive avoidable cost. We identify patients who will likely be non-compliant and who will cause an avoidable readmission. Allows resources to be preemptively focused on these costly patients. Q1 2014 suite of Tools to reduce non-compliance will be released.

Self-Insured Employers

Current Challenges: Massive healthcare bills plus lost worker days and productivity generate huge costs for corporations.

How Frame Health Can Help: Frame Health program lowers healthcare costs and missed work days.

Payers/Insurance Companies

Current Challenges: Significant pressure on topline revenue as lower cost plans are demanded by consumers.

How Frame Health Can Help: Lower resource utilization by increasing compliance translates into higher margins from the same revenue.

Large Pharmacies Chains & Mass Merchandisers

Current Challenges: Seeking to provide non-emergency care for customers at lower cost than providers. Drugs by mail from PBM’s threaten profitable prescription business and related incremental store traffic.

How Frame Health Can Help: Frame Health is a comprehensive solution to promote long term compliance for chronic care which builds customer loyalty.

Pharma Companies

Current Challenges: Losing billions of dollars annually to generics due to lack of differentiation. No direct relationship with customers.

How Frame Health Can Help: Frame Health gives Pharma a way to develop a direct relationship with customers and to provide added value to counter low-cost generics that are taking significant market share.

Our Team

Experience | Innovation

Our Team

Experience | Innovation

It’s a new process of care. It’s Frame Health.
  • Bruce Ettinger


    Bruce Ettinger has worked in the field of behavioral health for over 6 years, where he has overseen the sale of more than $40 million of behavioral health products to more than 75,000 consumers. He served at Executive Vice President of the Midwest Center for Stress which, with over $500 million in top line revenue since 2001, is by far the largest company in the world for the non-drug treatment for stress. Bruce’s experience with incentive systems began over a decade ago when he founded and served as CEO through exit of Save.com which he grew to be the most popular internet couponing site in the world. Earlier in his career Bruce achieved notable recognition in the film and television business. He was Co-Producer of “Life Goes On”, the ABC/Time-Warner, one hour dramatic television series. This acclaimed, weekly, prime time drama was the first TV show to feature a disabled person (Downs Syndrome) as a regular character, was the second most popular show for teenage girls of the 1990’s and received multiple Emmy® Award nominations. Bruce also wrote and edited, “Traveling Hopefully”, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Bruce has lectured at the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business and the USC Annenberg Center For Communication.

  • Anshul Amar

    Chief Technical Advisor

    Anshul Amar, is former CTO Castlight (named top-venture backed startup by WSJ) where he built and led development, design, product management and support teams. He directly participated in selling services into C-suites of Fortune 500 companies and developed partnerships with major nationwide insurance carriers. Anshul was employee #10 and Architect from startup through IPO at athenahealth (ATHN, current market cap $4.2 Billion). Anshul led development of athenaClinicals, the award-winning electronic health records (EHR) service that is ranked #1 for small practices. At Frame Health Anshul codes, provides software engineering and is directly responsible for the delivery of the company’s platform for its upcoming pilot.

  • Steven Locke

    Chief Medical officer

    Steven Locke, MD teaches at both Harvard Medical School as Associate Professor of Psychiatry and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He directs the e-health entrepreneurship course, “Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences”, which has been offered since 1998 at Harvard and MIT. A research psychiatrist at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation and the Division of Clinical Informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Locke also holds an appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital. He specializes in the integration of technology-supported self-care, behavioral health and the management of chronic medical conditions. Dr. Locke has served on the editorial boards of several professional journals including the American Journal of Health Promotion and Population Health Management. Dr. Locke is past-President of the American Psychosomatic Society and has held a variety of leadership roles in other professional organizations. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia and chaired the annual Summit on Behavioral Telehealth held in Boston in 2007 and 2008. He was awarded the 2008 Stangler Prize for Innovation by the American Association for Technology in Psychiatry and in 2009 became a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

  • Elizabeth Ricanati

    Director of Content

    Elizabeth Ricanati, MD is former Medical Director in charge of disease reversal for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute where she Co-Founded the Lifestyle 180 Program to treat chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis etc. through lifestyle modification. Dr. Ricanati oversees Frame Health’s content development and deployment, including co-development activities with partners.

  • Board of Advisors

  • Jay Silverstein

    Strategic and Marketing Advisor

    Jay Silverstein is one of healthcare's most successful and important marketing executives. He served as Chief Branding Officer at Medco through the time of its $29 Billion acquisition by Express Scripts. Previously he has served as Chief Marketing Officer UnitedHealth, Chief Marketing Officer Health Net of California and as President Revolution Health.

  • Tarang Shah

    Venture & Investment Banking Advisor

    Tarang Shah, Venture & Investment Banking Advisor to Frame Health is an investment banker and author of the entrepreneurship & venture investing book,“Venture Capitalists At Work”. He currently advises promising startups and private companies on fundraising and M&A transactions as Managing Partner at investment banking firms Generation Equity Advisors in Los Angeles and Bois Capital in New York and Newport Beach. Tarang’a recent closings include Science Inc. $30M Series B round and Crisi Medical System multi-million dollar Series A. Previously Tarang was a VC at SoftBank Capital where he helped with startups investments in mobile and enterprise software totaling $50 million and also has served as SVP of Startup Innovation at Bank of America.

  • Noah Goldstein Ph. D.

    Associate Professor UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Noah Goldstein Ph.D, Associate Professor UCLA Anderson School of Management with joint appointments in Department of Psychology and the School of Medicine. Professor Goldstein’s primary line of research involves the study of the factors that lead people to change their behaviors. His scholarly research and writing on the topics of persuasion, conformity, and compliance have been published in academic outlets such as Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review. Co-author, “Influence” with over 2 million books sold, member Express Scripts behavioral economics board.

  • David Gruber

    MD, MBA, Director of Healthcare Research Alvarez & Marsal

    David Gruber, MD, MBA, Director of Healthcare Research Alvarez & Marsal, Former Vice President, Corporate Development & New Ventures for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Vice President, Planning and Business Development for Bristol Myers Heathcare Group, Senior Vice President, Lehman Brothers, Medical Supplies & Devices.


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