Frame Health Launches Program to Keep Hospital Beds Available During COVID-19 Pandemic

By lowering readmissions of patients who aren’t seeking care for coronavirus symptoms, Frame Health will keep hospital beds open, prevent critical care units from being overwhelmed, and reduce hospital-borne transmission of COVID-19.

Frame Health (, a healthtech company tackling healthcare’s $300B non-adherence problem, announced today it is rolling out a program to help hospitals and healthcare providers keep patient beds available for critical COVID-19 patients by lowering readmission of other patients. 

Using over three decades of validated behavioral science and its proprietary artificial intelligence engine, Frame Health identifies patients at greater risk for non-adherence that can be positively influenced by the right outreach efforts. The technology then delivers tailored interventional messaging proven to measurably increase adherence, improving patient population outcomes at scale while lowering the cost of care.

“Hospitals across the country are bracing for the impending spike in coronavirus cases, and many critical care units are already overwhelmed. Our solution can be implemented immediately to reduce avoidable readmissions and open up more beds for acute COVID-19 patients,” said Bruce Ettinger, Founder and CEO of Frame Health.

“Readmission is a problem the healthcare industry needs to reduce in general, but it could not be more critical during this public health crisis. If we can save a bed, we can save a life.”

According to The New York Times, many parts of the United States will have far too few hospital beds if the new coronavirus continues to spread.  Aaron Carroll, a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and an analyst for The New York Times, wrote “It’s estimated that we have about 45,000 intensive care unit beds in the United States.  In a moderate outbreak, about 200,000 Americans would need one.”1

Frame Health is also announcing the two newest additions to its Advisory Board, Michael L. Wall and Dr. Colette Nichols. Wall has a 40-year history serving as CEO of large, complex healthcare systems.  He is well-known as an innovative leader in healthcare and was responsible for the creation of the John Muir Health System and bringing the first pediatric trauma center to the San Fernando Valley in California.  

Dr. Colette Nichols worked in Finance and Operations leadership positions for almost 20 years.  She is known for her work on the financial turnaround of a large hospital in Greater Los Angeles, which earned that hospital its first Moody’s credit rating upgrade and her nomination in 2018 as one of Los Angeles County’s top most influential businesswomen. Now, she is an active investor and advisor who drives growth, turnaround, and scale in the portfolio companies of her agency, The Cavendish Company (  

Ettinger says: “Mike and Colette have remarkably deep experience and vast knowledge of the precise needs of health system providers. We are thrilled to have them join our efforts to reduce avoidable readmission and lower the cost of care. Mike and Colette are leading Frame Health’s new product launch, which is designed to help health system providers keep more critically-needed hospital beds available for the acute patients.”

“We are excited to be a part of something that has the potential to make such a meaningful improvement in patient adherence to treatment plans,” said Michael Wall.  “It’s an honor to be at the heart of a technology that can provide a solution that helps people in their biggest moment of need.  There’s nothing that motivates me more.  It’s a higher calling,” said Colette Nichols. 

Mike and Colette will start rolling out the Frame Health program to health system providers next week.

Frame Health has its headquarters at ScaleLA (, a healthcare innovation ecosystem. Based in Los Angeles, ScaleLA partners with many of the region’s most prominent healthcare providers and entrepreneurial executives including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Upfront Ventures, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We are so pleased that Frame Health has been such an integral part of the ScaleLA family and we are looking forward to watching their success, as well as the success of our entire ecosystem of healthcare entrepreneurs,” said Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleLA.

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About Frame Health: Frame Health is a leader in technology-driven patient adherence solutions. Using exclusive rights to the world’s largest psychographic database and a proprietary machine learning engine, Frame Health identifies patients at greater risk for non-adherence that can be positively influenced by the right outreach efforts, and then delivers tailored interventional messaging proven to increase adherence. Our approach gives healthcare companies—including health system providers, health plans and employers, clinical research organizations, and retail pharmacies—the visibility and strategic guidance necessary to support positive behavioral change in patients, and ultimately improve health outcomes at scale while lowering costs. Frame Health is powered by a team of experts from across healthcare, business, technology, and behavioral science.

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