Health Plans and Employers

Frame Health's approach to adherence enables Health Plans and Employers to...
Increase retention, reduce churn

Increase adherence to treatment and medication protocols

Motivate healthier behaviors, including preventive screenings and care

Improve chronic care management and reduce hospital readmissions

Your Problem:
Unseen patient risk due to non-adherence.

Without the right tools to accurately identify and treat the risk associated with patient non-adherence, insurers suffer billions in avoidable costs. An estimated $909 in annual avoidable healthcare costs for each one of your members is attributed to medication non-adherence.

The Frame Health Solution:
We reveal who's at risk—and what to do about it.

We integrate your existing patient claims and/or clinical data with our psychographic dimensions to segment your patients based on individualized risk for non-adherence. We then generate tailored interventional messaging designed to motivate adherence at the individual patient level, enhance member engagement, and increase loyalty. Whether you already have patient outreach mechanisms or no existing infrastructure, we can work with you to deliver tailored patient messaging proven to increase adherence.

Ready to improve patient outcomes and your bottom line?