Clinical Research Organizations

Increase randomization of patients "sitting on the fence" in hard-to-recruit trials​

Enhance provider-patient communication

Increase patient comprehension of the protocol

Increase likelihood of trial completion, on schedule and as planned

Your Problem:
Failure to complete trials on time and as planned.

The average patient dropout rate for clinical trials is 30%, costing pharma companies tens of billions of dollars annually. A single day of delay in bringing a niche drug to market costs approximately $600,000–and up to $8 million per day for a blockbuster drug. 20% of trials are delayed 6 months or longer, while 80% fail completely to finish on time and as planned.

The Frame Health Solution:
Recruit patients faster for more successful trials.

We accelerate patient recruitment by improving patient communications throughout the trial process, so your patients have a clear understanding of the protocol. Our tailored patient messaging addresses the most frequent barriers to meeting trial goals, from forgotten appointments and doses to providing adequate emotional support for patients.

Ready to complete your trials faster?