Health Plans

High-Precision Segmentation for Health Plans

Hypertargeted campaigns that deliver high ROI for:

  • Member Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Retention

Using the world’s largest and most validated psychographic database


If your member acquisition costs are too high, you’re likely chasing the wrong prospects.

Nearly half of senior plan executives say their data is insufficient to identify prospects and programs that drive the greatest profit.

Frame Health has the data you need to attract new membersand retain themat lower cost.

Our validated psychographics, predictive consumer behavioral modeling, and AI/ML generate a 360º view of your target member’s motivations, behaviors, and preferences—key drivers of their purchase decisions, engagement, and retention.

We then pinpoint the specific segments with purchase intent, and create hypertargeted campaigns that convert those prospects to members more effectively than conventional advertising.

What sets us apart? Our data and experience.

Frame Health holds exclusive rights to the world's largest and most scientifically validated psychographic database for use in healthcare, based on over three decades of behavioral science originating out of Johns Hopkins University.

By decoding the intrinsic motivations, preferences, and needs of the individual member, our technology stack delivers the insights and tools you need to attract new members, keep them, and keep them happy.
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Years of Data
450 +
Validation Studies
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Assessments Completed
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Our Outcomes

Increased Marketing Efficiency for Acquisition Campaigns

Increased Member LTV

Higher Member Engagement & Retention

Higher Scores for HEDIS & Stars

Higher Adherence

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Comprehensive Solution

We pinpoint specific member segments and generate strategic campaigns that engage each member, with the right message, at the right time.

High-Precision Segmentation

Custom member persona development to isolate highest potential segments for acquisition and engagement initiatives, with behavioral analysis to optimize marketing efforts


Validated campaign language for every touchpoint of the member journey, tailored to the specific needs and motivations of the individual member

Measurable Results

38 %
22 %
Call Times

Increase Member Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention Strategies with High Precision Segmentation

We pinpoint the right prospects with the highest potential to convert and make your acquisition campaigns far more efficient across all forms of media. We also increase perception scores like NPS to make it more likely for your members to recommend you via word-of-mouth to their family and friends.
We help you motivate members to stick to treatment plans and protocols, schedule preventative screenings and appointments, and sign up for new programs. This improves HEDIS and Stars Ratings and prevents avoidable costs.
We deliver personalized communication strategies for your call centers that increase member satisfaction and make them feel more valued. Higher quality calls also means less handling time, leading to better call center efficiency.
We promote healthier behaviors and habits for your members, which over time creates better outcomes. This leads to happier, more satisfied members who view you as a trusted partner in their health.

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High-Precision Segmentation will help you attract and retain more members?