How It Works

The Frame Health Solution
to Patient Adherence

We reveal which of your patients are at risk for non-adherence

and deliver automated messaging that improves outcomes

Actionable Patient Segmentation

Using behavioral psychographics, we stratify your patient population to identify which patients are at greatest risk for non-adherence that can also be positively influenced through outreach efforts.

Tailored Interventional Messaging

We create a patient engagement program designed to motivate adherence by addressing the specific needs, intrinsic motivations, and health habits of the individual patient.

How We Do It


Your patients take our psychographic assessment, distributed via email, text, mobile app, or in-person.

We combine your patient psychographic data with any existing clinical or claims data available.
AI &
Our proprietary machine learning algorithms segment patients on the basis of risk for non-adherence.

Whether or not you have existing outreach infrastructure, we work with you to successfully engage your patients.

What Sets Us Apart?
Unmatched Scientific Validation.

Frame Health holds exclusive rights to the world’s largest psychographic database for use in healthcare, which is based on over three decades of research and data originating from Johns Hopkins University. This approach has been scientifically validated in over 450 research studies and by 30 academic chapters to date, and has been used by over half of Fortune 500 companies.
We’ve worked closely with one of the industry’s largest teams of data scientists and Ph.D. and Masters-level psychologists specializing in industrial and organizational psychology, research methods, personality, and statistics.
30 +
Years Experience
450 +
Validation Studies
2 M+
Assessments Completed
30 +
Academic Chapters