Health System Providers

Frame Health's approach to adherence enables health system providers TO...
Reduce 30-day readmission rates

Reduce avoidable utilization

Improve patient satisfaction for better HCAHPS scores​

Boost patient loyalty and retention​

Readmissions account for billions of dollars in healthcare costs each year. Motivating patients—especially those with one or more chronic conditions—to stick to their clinical plans remains the biggest obstacle to keeping them healthy and out of the hospital. Despite efforts to integrate a variety of data sources, from EHR and claims data to various social determinants of health, most efforts to motivate patient adherence have failed to progress outside the four walls of clinical settings. This also leads to dwindling HCAHPS and patient retention.

The Frame Health Solution:
We reduce your readmissions by improving post-discharge patient engagement while increasing loyalty.

Our patient segmentation takes the guesswork out of identifying which patients pose the greatest risk for non-adherence and will be receptive to interventional communications. Our approach to patient engagement will drive better HCAHPS and increase patient loyalty. Whether you already have patient outreach mechanisms—such as case management or digital engagement tools—or no existing infrastructure, we can work with you to deliver tailored patient messaging proven to increase adherence. All you have to do is provide us with the patient file, and we securely do the rest.

Ready to cut your readmission rates and boost your HCAHPS?